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An activity for the thrill seeker! Face your fears and step over the edge into oblivion… Abseiling is commonly practiced the world over as a method of descending a rope in a safe and controlled manner.

Aerial Cable Trail

Experience the freedom of gliding over one of the last remaining natural forested valleys along the Sabie River. The aerial cable takes you down into the valley basins, stopping along the way on a number of elevated platforms to admire the natural vegetation, birdlife, and the views of the forest floor below.

The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary is situated in the Lowveld on a 600 hectare reserve that is home to two African elephants: Kasper ‘the gentle giant” is a stunningly huge 3.3m tall male who was hand-reared on a farm in Namibia; Kitso is an adventurous and playful 10-year old elephant, just like his human counterparts!

The Elephant Sanctuary – Hazyview has elevated wooden walkways, beautifully constructed decks overlooking water, riverine and outdoor areas, a Curio Shop and Elephant Sanctuary Reception.

Geckoing / White River Tubing

Geckoing is the by far one of the best adventure activities that humans came up with - it rocks!

This is probably the best way to descend a low volume river like the Sabie. A Gecko is a very small raft that you steer with webbed gloves, no paddles needed! It is very easy to steer and very safe, and one of the coolest ways to have fun with family and friends in the sun and water!

Horse Trails

Trails wind through the beautiful Lowveld scenery of the Sabana River, indigenous bush and fruit orchards. You might also catch a glimpse of small antelope like the red duiker, and if you are a bird watcher you'll be in paradise!

Quad Biking

Trails run through the most scenic Sabie River Valley, winding along the Sabana River, indigenous vegetation, hills and other streams. The tracks vary from technical to very easy.

White Water Rafting

The Sabie River provides 20 rapids (grade 2–3) with areas of scenic vegetation and outstanding birdlife viewing. This 8km route is yielding to the novice, yet accommodating to the thrill seeker within all of us. Swimming, bum sliding at “Lion's Rock”.